Estate Law


Compassionate guidance through your difficult transactions

From evaluation to distributing assets, dealing with estate law  processes can be very complicated. For individuals who passed away  without a will, identifying the steps to follow can be a burden. 


When you work with Shumpert Law Offices,  PLLC, you can count on compassion and respect through every part of the  process. From securing an EIN to closing the estate, assistance is  available at every turn.

Don’t do it alone. Instead, let the professionals take over!

Simplify the process when buying or selling your home

The death of a loved one is hard enough, but  the pain becomes amplified with the struggles that come with  administering an estate. Ease the burden with help from Shumpert Law  Offices, PLLC. Services you can count on include:

  • Securing an EIN
  • Asset distribution
  • Estate consultations
  • Estate closing

No matter what, you can always trust your legal professionals to stand by you from start to finish.

Estate law is complicated – let the professionals help you get the job done!